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BJJ Technique: Loop Choke

Takedowns are an art in and of themselves. One of the most successful strategies to secure a takedown is to chain multiple attempts together, creating a series of increasingly difficult to stop takedowns. In this video, Head Coach Eran Bert demonstrates how to do this by first faking the ankle pick and then immediately transitioning to the lapel drag. In this case, the opponent (instructor @stevecohenpt) turtles to avoid giving up his back, and coach Eran quickly seals and submits with the loop choke. When transitioning from a takedown, the loop choke can be very surprising and hard to defend because defending the takedowns often requires accepting positions that are vulnerable to this choke, much like in today's video.

Filmed & Edited: @asaf_mich and @tom.shaked Music: Normcore - The Plane

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