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Welcome to Israel's Top Martial Arts Academy

One of the leading organizations for MMA in Israel, Team Bert offers the complete package to anyone interested in MMA. Established in 2005 by Eran Bert, an experienced practitioner of MMA, Team Bert offers a safe learning environment for both beginners and professionals alike.

With three main branches of mixed martial arts offered: MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Thai Boxing, Team Bert provides a strong foundation for training in MMA. Classes are divided up into several adult teams ranging from beginners to professionals, with training focusing on physical, technical and mental aspects of the sport. We have multiple sessions everyday.

What We Do

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts is the combined form of all martial arts practiced, both stand-up and ground, that permits each of the participants to overcome the other given each of their particular skill-sets.
The roots of mixed martial arts can be traced back to the Olympics in ancient Greece, where the earliest combatants fought unarmed. With the introduction of the UFC in 1993, the sport has grown to a worldwide sensation, where athletes around the world compete in all forms of martial arts.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combat and self defense system that centers on grappling and ground fighting. It was Mitsuyo Maeda who introduced the world to BJJ, Maeda was one of the five Judo experts that were sent by the founder, Kono Jigoro, overseas to demonstrate and spread their knowledge of Judo. In 1904 Maeda left Japan to visit a number of countries to demonstrate the new martial art technique, eventually arriving in Brazil on November 14, 1914. In 1917 Carlos Gracie watched a demonstration by Maeda, after asking Maeda to become his teacher, he learnt from him for several years before passing on his knowledge to his brothers. Today BJJ or Gracie Jiu Jitsu is worldwide phenomenon, spread by the initial work of Maeda and later the Gracie Family.


Seen in one of the all time great boxing movies Rocky, boxing combines mental, physical, technical and tactical aspects of the sport to defeat the opponent. The embodiment of the fighting spirit, boxers use their hands and body to weave around and evade their opponents’ blows, while finding the right opportunity to land their own.

Thai Boxing

An ancient marital art form, originating from Thailand called Muay Thai. Muay Thai fighters have particularly hard bone structure developed over years of extreme conditioning and hardening, accomplished through intense training as well as routinely punching and kicking hard objects.

Head Instructor Eran Bert

Practicing martial arts since 1992, including such forms as Kung Fu, Karate and Krav Maga, as well as over 12 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eran brings a wealth of knowledge to anyone eager to learn MMA. Eran has practiced martial arts in various institutions around the world, including such countries as Brazil, Japan and Thailand. In the past he has trained special units, security guards, state guards and soldiers. He has an undefeated record in MMA as well as a BA in Behavioral Science and a Masters in Conflict Resolution. Eran Currently heads a project that aims to empower youth through the education of martial arts.

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