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The Importance of Wrestling in MMA

One of the most surprising and yet definitive discoveries of the last 30 years in the martial arts world is the absolute domination of Mixed Martial Arts by #grappling. At the time of this post, 6 out of 8 reigning UFC champions are former #wrestlers, not to mention the overwhelming victories of Royce Gracie in the early days of #MMA. It quickly became apparent to everyone watching that in order to compete, fighters have to be able to control if the fight is on the ground or on the feet (Wrestling), or if the fight is on the ground to be able to get back up or submit the opponent (#bjj). In our MMA classes, we make sure that trainees have the full spectrum of #striking, wrestling, and ground fighting skills. In the pictures below is a recent MMA class, where trainees worked on applying and defending #doubleleg takedowns. The double leg is one of the main takedowns used in wrestling, and one variation involves stepping deep into the opponent's space, grabbing them behind the knees, and taking them down by blocking their ability to move in a certain direction and then pushing them in that direction with the upper body. The main defence against the double leg is the #sprawl, in which you throw back your legs and hips, bringing your full weight down on the opponent and stuffing their attempt.

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