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Takedown, Take the Back, and Submit

In today's video, head coach Eran Bert demonstrates a sequence of moves that the #MMA class has been working on recently. First, coach Eran throws a #strike, and when the opponent shoots for a #takedown, he stuffs the attempt. Then, he chains his own takedown attempt as the opponent gets back to his feet. When the opponent #sprawls, coach Eran uses the sit out #technique to escape and force the opponent into turtle position. Once in turtle, coach Eran uses a #backtake to secure full back mount, and pins one of the opponents arms. With the back secured, coach eran applies both a short #choke and rear naked choke finishes. Notice how the sequence utilizes and chains together all of the techniques used in the recent MMA and #wrestling classes, from double leg takedowns, sprawl counters, the sit out escape, backtake from turtle, pinning the opponent's arm in back mount, and applying the short or rear naked choke.

Music credit: Las Kellies - Shaking Dog

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